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So, I’m getting some glorious spam on this site. Hopefully filtering it all away from your delicate eyes, oh best beloved readers. This week has been ludicrously busy on a number of fronts (had a boiler fitted on Tuesday, so we have hot water now! Yay!) and there is some stuff pootling away in the background – steel yourselves for announcements – so I’ve fallen a bit behind on this side of things.

Aforementioned busy-ness has also been a total joy when it comes to nailing the coffin shut on the complete first draft of the current WIP (affectionately called ‘the behemoth in three volumes’) which I really wanted to get done before turning my serious attention to Scars on Sound in June. So nearly there now with WIP, though. A good, whisky fuelled all nighter will probably finish it off. On a similar front Feedback from my first readers on volume 1 of said behemoth came in last night and – aside from a few continuity glitches and the odd dud scene – it looks like I’m in a really good place for revisions and editing when all this marketing stuff eases off a bit.

As to Scars on Sound, I’ve been putting together a flyer for distribution at Leominster festival – at which I performed last year in my storytelling hat. Always fun to do before you have a concrete release date, but we’ll cope somehow. *laughs nervously*

Anyway, there should be review up on Friday, and until then, enjoy the sunshiiine.

Author: Alys

Alys is the last Romantic Poet. When not reading, they are writing. If doing neither, then you'll find them brewing wine, researching folklore or lurking in the backwaters of Twitter (@alysdragon). They blog on books, literary culture, vampires, folklore and historical curiosity. There is probably going to be a little bit of swearing.

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