Book Updates, delays, etc.

It is with great regret that I am forced to delay the publication of Scars on Sound.

This is in part because so much of my time has been taken up with Time’s Fool – both the crowd-funding aspect and giving the manuscript some finishing touches before submitting it to Unbound. The book is more or less ready to go, but working the publicity for it and organising the launch is currently beyond me.

It will now has the provisional release date of early 2017, and I hope to see you all in Norwich for the launch party. It will happen and I’m still very excited about it. Watch this space for details!

Meanwhile, Time’s Fool  is still crowd-funding, so do support that if you can. If you’ve already pledged, remember that the sooner the book is funded, the sooner it is on your shelves – so, please share links and tweets about it and just help get the conversation so all the bookworms, horror-geeks and Goths can find their way to it.A hardback release like this is a massive goal for a new author to take on, and it really does need all the help you can give it.

Did you know that in May next year, Dracula and I will be a combined total of 150 years old? Don’t you think Time’s Fool being well in to production by then would be the best present?

Anyway, take care, lovely people. Enjoy October – it’s the most wonderful time of the year.