News, vanishings and suchlike

So, I’m getting some glorious spam on this site. Hopefully filtering it all away from your delicate eyes, oh best beloved readers. This week has been ludicrously busy on a number of fronts (had a boiler fitted on Tuesday, so we have hot water now! Yay!) and there is some stuff pootling away in the background – steel yourselves for announcements – so I’ve fallen a bit behind on this side of things.

Aforementioned busy-ness has also been a total joy when it comes to nailing the coffin shut on the complete first draft of the current WIP (affectionately called ‘the behemoth in three volumes’) which I really wanted to get done before turning my serious attention to Scars on Sound in June. So nearly there now with WIP, though. A good, whisky fuelled all nighter will probably finish it off. On a similar front Feedback from my first readers on volume 1 of said behemoth came in last night and – aside from a few continuity glitches and the odd dud scene – it looks like I’m in a really good place for revisions and editing when all this marketing stuff eases off a bit.

As to Scars on Sound, I’ve been putting together a flyer for distribution at Leominster festival – at which I performed last year in my storytelling hat. Always fun to do before you have a concrete release date, but we’ll cope somehow. *laughs nervously*

Anyway, there should be review up on Friday, and until then, enjoy the sunshiiine.

Scars on Sound cover revealed.

So, for those of you who have been hiding from me for the past three months may just be forgiven for being unaware that, this Autumn, I’m releasing Scars on Sound, a book of scary stories in the folk horror tradition. It has everything you’d expect from me; morally ambiguous necromancers, implacable vengeance, and love betrayed. All of this, framed against the dark bones and old music of this rainy little island I call home.

Well, they do say write the book you’d want to read.

It will also feature a glorious series of illustrations by Ruth Tucker, and if you want a taste of the sheer unsettling beauty of her work, you need look no further than the wonderment that is this cover:

My gods, though, isn't it lovely?
Front cover

The alchemy combining Ruth’s images and my words is the designing geniusĀ Alina Sandu, whose talent is only matched by her patience in dealing with my hyperactive emails these last few weeks. But I think, in the circumstances, I’m entitled to a few exclamation marks.

I promise not to use any interrobangs.

If you wish to contact Ruth Tucker with commissions, or to requests originals or prints of the images appearing in Scars on Sound, she can be reached via IllustratorRuth (at) Alina Sandu can be contacted through her website.

New starts, tough decisions

Right. Finally got a few bits sorted out on various blogs, and sorting out my links. I’ve also taken the somewhat drastic step of hauling down everything that was filed under ‘writing’ on my previous blogs. This is for a couple of reasons.

What was up there was such an utterly mixed bag that I don’t feel it really represented me or my current writing at all; I used it as a way of prompting me to write flash fiction, or to air old performance work, so while some of it I’m very proud of, other bits were, frankly, toss.

This, I could probably live with were I updating it regularly but, what with launching Scars on Sound later this year, I’m not going to have the time to purpose-write for it, and the last thing I need is another dead blog nagging at me.

However, before you all tear your hair out in despair (what? Am I not allowed hubris?) alysearl.blogspot is NOT vanished forever. I still hold the blog and there may be something coming along sometime post-Novemeber, or even before if I get my act together. Said project will be rather lighter than Scars on Sound and may be familiar to some of you if I invoke the words ‘Necromantic Comedy’.

As to the poems and flash fiction, I may post bits and pieces, or recordings of readings up on this page, as well as news and announcements of other posts. By not committing to a weekly update, I may even manage it occasionally.

Well, a person can dream.

Now, I must dash and try and find a way to stop that header picture turning up sideways on the mobile site.

Help, anyone?