So, I have a publishing contract

The mug was a gift, I'm not that vain.
What strikes me more is less the height of the Drac-Stack that all the books missing from it…

Yeah, um.

If I’ve been evasive, vague or it’s seemed like I’m avoiding you over the last month or so, it’s because I did not want to pre-empt, jinx, or otherwise nix this. Anyways, now it’s confirmed, so:

Time’s Fool, my debut novel, has been taken on by the subscription publisher Unbound and is live on their site… right now. Do go and check it out. Like, right now, before bothering with the rest of this post. It’s AMAZING. You can read the first chapter and there’s a video and everything! (We shot it in the undercroft of Dragon Hall in Norwich, and you can guess how hard I fangirled at that.)

What does this mean? What does any of this mean?

Perhaps taking this too far...
Sir Francis says, “Support Alys’ book!”

So, the Unbound website holds all the details, really, but because I like you, I’ll run through them a bit here. Basically, over the next couple of months, I’m going to be running a crowd-funder to raise the costs of the launching the book. Everyone who pledges will get their name in the back of the book, and – of course – my eternal gratitude. If you pledge £20 or above, you also get a limited edition hardback which is only available for backers. There are also loads of other goodies on the site, too, including the script to one of my infamous Murder Mystery Parties.

What this does is put the success of Time’s Fool directly into your hands.

When it’s fully funded, then it goes in to production, turns up in bookshops, and you get your pledge rewards, your book, and your name in the back saying that you are one of the people who made this happen.

Go on. Eternal gratitude.

And when I say eternal, we’re talking vampires, here.

When I say fund, you will go onto the Unbound site and fund 'Time's Fool'
When I say pledge, you will go onto the Unbound site and pledge towards ‘Time’s Fool’

Because you know much I love all that.

Asking questions about vampires, love, morality and desire is something I’ve been doing for years – debating on Twitter, ranting on my blog, and gnawing off the ear of anyone damn fool enough to get me on the subject.

Time’s Fool goes there. It is my homage to Dracula, my lovesong to all my idols of Gothic grandeur, and my awkward little question at the end of their talks. “Yes,” it says, “but…”

In tone, it’s going to be a bit less lyrical than Scars on Sound and the pace is a lot snappier. It’s a crossover novel, capital Gothic, lowercase horror, and a bit of Literary thrown into the mix. If you’ve ever enjoyed one of my takes on something, laughed at my dark silliness, or thought I was saying something especially righteous, then there’s a good chance you’re going to love this one.

Because Christopher Lee
Presented without comment

To everyone who’s helped me along the way with this – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – if you’ve not already had them, you’ll probably be getting gushing emails and embarrassed phone calls about this.

And thinly veiled requests for money. This is a crowdfunder, after all.